Teaching and Digital Literacy

I really enjoy learning more and more about digital literacy. Basing some of what I’ve discovered about it with what I learned in school. I didn’t realize that learning how to type on the keyboard, how to cite sources, and using search engines were all a part of digital literacy. Looking back now it makes total sense though, with me now knowing one of literacy’s definitions is “competence or knowledge in a specific area.” I had always just thought of reading and writing when literacy was concerned. Many times, I think too far inside the box for things and I think digital literacy is something that is a very out of the box. It is a subject that is, and will be, constantly changing as technology advances and becomes more complex.

I think that the best site I’ve found about digital literacy is US digital literacy. Unfortunately, too many times people believe that technology is easy. Yes, over the years some of technology has become more user friendly, but other parts of it have not. Being digitally fluent requires time, energy, and a desire to want to know more. There are times when some believe that learning would take too much time or they start and get discouraged. Communication, for example, becomes easier the more you do it. I believe that in order to become effective in different areas of life we must learn that we need to see things through.  The problem for some is getting started. Luckily Microsoft has courses you are able to take online, you can find those here.

Throughout my education career I hope I can become a fluent teacher in digital platforms. I remember when Smart-boards started becoming a big thing they were a great tool to use, unfortunately so many teachers had no clue how to use them and they didn’t make sure that all the programs were being used efficiently and effectively. I remember wasting a lot of class time trying to figure out how to work certain things and it was not fun. Many older teachers refused to use the technology because it was too complicated and they didn’t want to learn how to use it. Taking classes specifically for digital literacy and teaching I think would be a big encouragement for those teachers. I am hoping that I have a lifelong desire to continue to use, and learn how to use, new and better technology.


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