Independent Learning

Independent-Learning Project, it sounds so harmless. Until you realize that there are so many things that you want to do for it. I could take more pictures each week to make myself a better photographer without Photoshop. I could try to make new recipes every week. I could go hiking and enjoy nature and reflect on where I fit in and how nature works around me. I could read more children’s books so I will be able to build lesson plans around them in the future. I could continue to volunteer at the middle school with math tutoring. I think that each of these options needs more exploration and more research on my part. Making sure I really enjoy doing something for two hours a week is very important to me.

I would love to try new recipes every week, unfortunately I don’t have my own kitchen with all the ingredients and tools readily available so as much as I would love to make myself food for 15 weeks, I don’t think that is the best option for me. Going hiking for two hours every week would be something that I could do. Winter is going to be an issue though, I don’t have the most reliable vehicle in the mountains/snow and I am also extremely klutzy so walking around campus is enough of an adventure for me during the winter! Volunteering at the middle school would be very rewarding but not having math for the first semester since beginning school (in preschool) has been a nice breather.  I really love math and maybe I will do that next semester but I think I need a break for a semester. Reading more children’s books is something that I am already doing for a class so I think that keeping that assignment in that class is a better idea than using books for both classes.

That just leaves photography! I am extremely excited to get back into photography. I took a digital photography class online my freshman year here at Chadron but I have gotten away from doing it this year. I had the class mostly over Photoshop and now I don’t currently have the program so the only solution is to take great photos on the camera itself. I would like to accomplish this by looking at photographers who don’t use Photoshop or other digitally editing software and finding YouTube videos that give tips on how to become a better photographer using just the camera.


4 thoughts on “Independent Learning

  1. Working on you passion is a great independent learning project because it will allow you to become better at digital literacy and photography at the same time. It is very interesting that photographers are working to not use photoshop. If I was a photographer I would need to use photoshop.


  2. I think using photography in the class room could be awesome too! Showing kids how to use cameras as well as appreciating art is so important. I would also be cool i you could do a lesson on Photoshop as well!


  3. Mackenna,
    Photography as an independent learning project is going to give you unlimited opportunities as to what you can capture! Is there anything in particular you like to photograph like landscapes versus taking photos of people? What kind of camera do you think you will be using? I look forward to seeing your photos!


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