My Hacking Goal

TED talks. When I was in high school, these were boring YouTube speakers in different subjects and for some reason my teachers always found a way to find the least interesting ones. Then college came, luckily for me I was in classes geared towards my career and also towards what I enjoyed learning about. What I enjoy learning about happens to be how/why others learn, which just makes me laugh sometimes. I find it fascinating all the new information coming out about how most of what we have learned and how we’ve been learning is not necessarily the best way. It is interesting to see the shifts, from teaching everyone the same way, to starting to use multiple ways to teach. A recent one I have been hearing about is called hackschooling.

If you don’t know what hackschooling is, 13-year-old Logan LaPlante does an excellent job of explaining it in his TED talk. I personally hadn’t heard about this before the TED talk.  Yes, you hear of home schooled kids getting way more real world experience but I think that this is different. Logan shines a light on pulling everything he learns into one emphasis area he loves. Many teachers try to take the majority of what students enjoy and may include it in a subject or two but this brings in all subjects for a more personalized experience. Having this bridge between real world and worksheets is so beneficial and I don’t think you can get anything better out of schooling. Bud Hunt also highlights the importance of hacking in his blog post, “Centering on Essential Lenses.” Hunt highlights three main lens focuses-making, hacking, and playing-to lead students to a sense of agency for their futures. “Applying and being aware of agency to and in whatever you’re doing, agency informed by your abilities to make and hack and play, leads to you being more fully in control of your situation.”

Unfortunately, I do not have a simple solution to create a more “hack-friendly” environment for students on a nationwide scale. I do know that I have power over my future classroom, however small it is. I plan to keep this hacking idea in mind because it is a revolutionary way of thinking, making sure students are enjoying learning, enjoying the life they live, and knowing how to love their life in the future, where ever it may take them, is my greatest goal as a future educator.

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4 thoughts on “My Hacking Goal

  1. Classrooms that are geared towards the students in it is a successful classroom. We have to adapt to new students as educators, that is what makes successful teachers. I like the fact that you said that you don’t have the answer because non of us do. All we can do is look at all the research and try things. It comes down to how hard we try to meet our students needs.


    1. Thank you for your feed back! I definitely agree with you on doing research and figuring out what works for each individual class is also necessary. The individuals must also be considered in everything that happens in a class.

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  2. MacKenna,
    Great post you have here! I found that TED talk to be so inspiring and eye-opening to the way children are being schooled. We do not feed them with their interests and strengths, we try to make them better all around students, which is not bad, but may of them lose interests and are not making their strengths any stronger, which is definitely not good. We need to hack the schooling system by giving students what they are good at because if they are naturally good at something and enjoy it then they will want to pursue that for their future lives; therefore, there is no sense in ruining that for them. Logan is on a pursuit. He is not on an education and career based pursuit, but he is on a pursuit of happiness, which is what we all need to be doing. Great post!


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