Photography is such a dynamic and ever changing medium. There are so many resources out there for you to discover and find out new information. Joe Mcnally has an excellent blog that has really become a regular of mine to read. He also happens to be a traveling teacher which is something that I aspire to be, granted he has more workshop type classes and I prefer more a permanent one but details, details. One of his recent blogs was about getting to teach in Hawaii, he talks about how different strategies work better for the Hawaiian light and sunsets. He also has tons of his photos that he revisits and continually makes better.

For my own photography, I attempted different shutter speeds to capture more movement. I think the photos ended up creepier than I really wanted it to be but, I mean I can’t get the look I want to every time. I shot my pictures when it was cloudy and a bit colder. I would, in the future, open up my aperture just a little more and decrease my shutter speed. For the photograph I have in mind I would have to have a tri-pod or something to make sure the picture was clear, minus the movement. The feature image is my best picture of motion that I captured, the other ones were blurry all around.

For some pictures, you want more light to come in so the aperture (how big the lens is open) has to be smaller in order to accomplish that. This also means that the shutter speed (how long the curtain stays open) has to be set at a longer time. This means you have to have your camera completely steady or you will get the movement of your breath throughout the whole picture, making the whole thing blurry, causing for a bad overall image.

I think that trial and error is the best way to learn in photography. When you realize that one technique works better for you than others you can start really honing in on that skill. You could also start really focusing on that particular skill you aren’t the best at, research it, collaborate with other photographers, and simply try and fail some more. So many people end up not doing photography because it simply takes up a lot of time and energy. Practice makes permanent is something my throwing coach always told me and I find that to be true in just about everything, especially photography, if you are not willing to grow as an artist, your photographs will not reach their full potential.


3 thoughts on “Movement

  1. Love how you are okay with “failing”. Most people are too scared of failing or of something not looking like it should so they just give up all together. I like that instead you see it as a trial and error type thing. Your idea of researching and learning more about the technique you are so good at is also a great idea. Great post!


    1. There is a quote I really like that said something like “I either win or learn, there is no losing unless you don’t learn a lesson from it.” and that has really been what drives me through photography and other aspects in life!


  2. My dad was a photojournalist in the service (and even had his work published in National Geographic), so I’ve always been fascinated by photography. Sadly, I just never spent the time to learn much about it. For my birthday this year, my husband bought me Photoshop Elements along with the Photoshop video editing software. They were selling the double PSE14 version off on clearance for around $60 since the PSE15 version was coming out. So he surprised me! Now I’m excited to begin diving into aperture and shutter speed settings, again. It’s been WAY too long and I never got very far into putting everything into practice. It seems that experience really is key. Thank you for sharing your learning experiences. I can’t wait to see your work!!


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