Photography is a lot about focus. Do you want the focus to be far away or closer? Do you want the picture to be mostly blurry or in sharper focus? These are all things you have to think about before you take your picture. There are a few different ways that I can accomplish whatever I decide to do. First there is automatic focus, the camera and lens work together and pinpoint what it thinks should be in focus. This is problematic sometimes, the camera may not have the right focal point and not go to where you would like or it has more areas in focus than you would prefer. I do like this because if I want to get a sharper image I can just have the camera in automatic mode and shoot away.

The second way I have been able to focus is in manual mode. This mode is one where you actually tell the camera what to focus on. Drawbacks with this mode include the fact that there is only one focus point, meaning if you would like a cluster or two objects to be the focus, it won’t get accomplished as well. Another is that, with my personal camera, it doesn’t tend to focus a lot after a while of using in manual mode. I think that is because this model of camera was meant for more use in automatic mode. But a major plus for this focus is that your photo will usually end up having a very soft feel to it. This feel is a really big draw for me because I enjoy taking softer photos, ones that aren’t as jagged and structured as you sometimes will see with the automatic mode.

Most of what I wrote is what I have discovered through trial and error with my own personal camera. Learning through trial and error has really been what has driven my photography ever since I started, learn how something is supposed to work/look and see if the way you were taught does the right thing and if it doesn’t, try a different way. I have done research in the past on what kind of focal points will give you certain kinds of pictures. So I had a little bit of background in that sense but I really wanted to know what my cameras quirks were and really how to operate my device in the highest capacity I can.


6 thoughts on “Focus

  1. I think its smart how you talked about what works and what doesn’t. I think you have a lot of personal experience and it shows. Its good to be able to tell someone the most efficient way to do things.


  2. Mackenna,
    I think that it is so cool how much detail and depth photography goes in to. I never really thought of how not having the right focal point can affect a picture so much! I am learning a lot from your blog on a topic that I do not know much about. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. I think it is so neat how much time and knowledge it takes to take photos. Who knew? I like how you explained the different types of focuses, I did not know any of that. Its neat that I learn something new every time I read your blog!


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