Googling Myself

When I saw that one of my assignments was to google myself I got excited because I wanted to know what I found. Before I did myself though I did some of the people that were around me. I found some fantastic twitter accounts from around 2009, the girl that I googled was so embarrassed about what we found, simply because of the grammar and some of the goofy things that she said. I didn’t find anything bad about my friends by googling them so that’s good for them.

When I finally got around to googling myself I was very surprised to find that a lot of stuff from this class popped up. My daily creates were at the top of the list, I thought that that was pretty cool because what I’m doing now is positively impacting my future and how some people may see me. If I go into images I don’t always find myself. My grandpa passed away within the last year so three of his pictures popped up from different newspapers. I am also on some of Chadron State College’s articles that show other people’s pictures. Some of the original daily create pictures, people from high school, and Pinterest pictures that I liked are scattered within the image page as well. I found that a lot of what I have done throughout college is what pops up. I think that that is a really positive thing that future employers would look at. This blog is also one of the first things that pops up for my name. This would be a huge help for employers because they can look over it and see how much enthusiasm I have for teaching and see if my philosophies line up with theirs and if I would be a positive influence in their school.

When I went to page two a lot of honor roll stuff pops up. Granted it is from the 6th grade to now but I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished throughout my schooling career. I know that it is never all about the grades and that employers also look at references and extra activities that you have done throughout school but I also believe that good grades reflect discipline and dedication. I have enjoyed this assignment very much and I will continue to google myself periodically to make sure my name is always shown in a positive light to others online.


6 thoughts on “Googling Myself

  1. I’m glad you were able to find stuff about yourself! I find it interesting that all your stuff for this class is on there! The only thing I found from this class was my twitter picture on Google Images. I also found stuff from when I was in high school as far as academics and sports.


  2. Mackenna,
    With all the negative parts that come along with technology there are also many good things too and I think after reading your post I realized how many good things there actually are out there. Taking a look at your achievements all the way in 6th grade… that’s pretty neat that you were able to find that ou with just a few clicks. I think as long as digital citizenship is taught… technology will become one of the most helpful tools we ever come across.
    Take care and happy googling!


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I did find it interesting that I could go back that far. I really believe with young people we just need to make sure they see the consequences of actions and they will become better online citizens.


  3. Oh man it’s been ages since I have had to google myself. Although I always do think it’s funny that all these random old school things will pop up but rarely any pictures of myself come up! I’m glad you were excited about what you found.


    1. Thank you for reading my post! It is funny how old school stuff from like middle school pops up. I mean it didn’t really matter to me when it happened but now it’s kind of cool to go back and see what was happening.


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