Product Photography

This week I decided to do some research for my Independent Learning Project. I have always been very fascinated with product photography. I think that it just so elegant and there is usually just so much detail that I can see in good product photography. So what is product photography? See the ad in the newspaper that shows the brand-new shoes coming out, the super yummy looking food on menus, or the super cute jewelry on Etsy? That is what product photography is. It is making sure that the product being sold looks its absolute best.

The Daily Egg, a blog that photographers use to communicate what they know, says that there are a few main points to emphasize when using product photography. One of the first tips is about urgency and exclusivity. People want what they can’t have. This motto seems to work for over a majority of people so it tends to sell product. When you add the words, “Only 100 available” “Limited time only” or have a select few celebrities using a product, suddenly it becomes extremely valuable and will sell more than before. Another tip they have is setting. The right setting will be able to sell more than if you were to just have the product jumbled with other things. Think about cars for a minute. Where are most car ads or commercials placed? Yes, some are in the dealership but many are out on the open road, cruising the highway or roughing it in the mountains. You then associate the feeling of freedom with that car and want to obtain it more. What photographers want to do is create an experience, not just a commodity.

So how do I actually become a good product photographer? The YouTube channel had the tips that I needed to create my own product photography studio. First what I need are some lights, this makes sure you have a constant light source and you can control where the shadows are. Another thing suggested is a cube. The cube softens the light and reduces shadows. Making sure your camera is on a steady surface so your shutter speed has the option to be longer and you can get the best picture possible. There are some more tips that are interesting but I think that these are the ones that are most important. I think that product photography will be a cool challenge for me and will be interesting to see how I do.


4 thoughts on “Product Photography

  1. Very interesting post. It’s all those little things that we don’t realize how much time and effort are put into those kinds of things. This post reminded me of the time I found out they use mashed potatoes for an ice cream commercial instead of real ice cream haha. Can’t wait to see your own product photography pictures.


  2. Great post! I have never really thought about product photography before. I did not know there was so much detail put into this kind of work. I think it is so cool that you have an interest and a passion for this! Keep up the good work!


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