Podcasts and Digital Storytelling, Oh My!

“How do we reach more students through our educating?”

This question should be at the front of every educator’s mind. Whether it is the beginning of your teaching career or it is your last week of teaching ever. Making sure all students are engaged in school is a big priority. Digital storytelling and podcasts are different ways of engaging your students.

What is Digital Storytelling? Edudemic.com tells us that it is “the act of using computer-based tools to tell a story.”  This storytelling may include many different area of education, from drama to English and editing skills. Many times, these stories being told have many different aspects to them and involve student collaboration. All of these are incredibly important for student development, from communication to self-esteem building and everything in between. I believe that digital storytelling has a huge part in education classes now and even more in the future. An issue schools/classrooms may run into with this would be funding for cameras and/or film editing equipment. Now some digital storytelling doesn’t require this equipment but having it available to students to create would help immensely in not limiting what they can do. An example of digital storytelling is the one below titled “The Meaning of Life” Now this one is pretty heavy and I wouldn’t expect my students to get to this level but I do think that it is cool how he let people know what his feelings were and he shared them with the world.


Podcasts are another way to start to get students engaged. I personally don’t enjoy many podcasts but I know many of my classmates have expressed how much they have gotten into them through this assignment alone. I am an extremely visual learner, I have to see something written down in order to really grasp a concept. I understand that this is not how all people learn so I would love to incorporate podcasts into my classroom someday. What I have discovered with podcasts is that I can get into ones more if they have music or sound effects. The Truth is a podcast website that includes a lot of music and sound effects that I really enjoy. Podcasts for the classroom would be a very fun adventure for the students. They could listen and choose what sorts of things they listen to. They could also look into how to create their own which would be a great project that they would really enjoy.

My biggest takeaway from this research is that there are so many different ways to get students involved and that I really need to make sure I don’t just stay in my comfort zone, I need to make sure all intelligence’s are being taught to.


12 thoughts on “Podcasts and Digital Storytelling, Oh My!

  1. Mackenna,
    Awesome post and great descriptions about podcasts and digital stories. I agree with you using digital stories over podcasts but it is important that we remain neutral when using them with students because some of our students may prefer podcasts. I think these will also vary how you use them in your classroom based on the grade level you teach, but I do believe that these are great way to include technology into the classrooms. Your biggest takeaway was perfect and I agree completely. Teaching will be all about stepping outside of our comfort zones and any given time and these will do just so.
    Take care!
    Bailey 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas of podcasting. I agree that digital stories may be a little more exciting sometimes, but I also think that there is more of a variety of podcasts. I would love to have my students make a podcast or digital story.
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I can really appreciate your perspective, Mackenna. We really should all be thinking constantly about how we can find new and better ways to help our students. Making sure we reach all intelligences is a great way to do this. Podcasts are wonderful for auditory learners and digital storytelling works well for visual learners. I personally prefer podcasts, but I think each could have a place as a helpful tool in the classroom! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I have never listened to a podcast before this week. They are different, but yet very engaging. I like that a story can be told without me having to spend the time reading. I can multitask with a podcast. However, I was intrigued to see what the people looked like that were talking. So I looked up the podcast on youtube. I found that I enjoyed the video showing the podcast because I can see the speakers facial expressions and nonverbal communication. This wouldn’t necessary be beneficial in the classroom if you are wanting your students to be working on an assignment while listening to the story, but it is another option.


    1. I am very impressed that you can multitask with a podcast playing. I don’t think that I can do that at all. I end up not doing well at either of the things I’m working on! Thank you for your podcast tip, that would be so beneficial for many students. Thank you for reading my post!

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  5. Mackenna, I am one that have fallen in love with podcasts through this assignment. I have never listened to one before, but once you find one that intrigues you it is easy to get hooked. I really like how you were able to take away from this lesson that it is important to get out of your comfort zone as a teacher and introduce students to new things. This is something that all teachers should do to help students get as many experiences as possible.


  6. I love that your initial thought was how we can reach more students! I was thinking how great youtube is and how digital stories have helped me in the past, and I was thinking that there probably aren’t any kid geared shows on YouTube. I don’t very often know where there is a gap on the internet, but with so many kids being handed ipads and phones to keep them busy, there should be some kid shows on YouTube that aren’t made by huge corporations. I can’t say I’m the person to do it, but it would be cool to see. On that note, I think digital stories are helpful and can be used in the classroom (my dad uses the fine brothers’ Crash Course in his) but not entirely relied on, which I think would be too easy for some teachers.


    1. That would be absolutely amazing to see and such a great class project that all students could get involved in. That is really something I would love to include in a classroom. Awesome idea. Thanks for reading my post!


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