For this week’s tech learning I failed.

Alright, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but I was so looking forward to using one of the comic book strips for my learning. I tried all the free ones I could get my hands on and for some reason it just was not cooperating with me, no matter how many tutorials I watched or friends I had help me I just could not figure it out. So with that loss under my belt I headed over to Piktochart.

Piktochart was extremely easy to use, lots of tutorials and advice throughout my first advertisement creation. I am very pleased with how it turned out I was just sad I didn’t figure out how to use the comic book websites. That aside I had a really fun time with my advertisement that I ended up creating.


The finished product looks very nice and polished; I obviously had help from the companies pre-made templates. While making this on the website the two informational blurbs were centered so obviously I needed to pay more attention to that! I decided to create sort of a mash up of a dream board and a where have you been board. One of my biggest things with my ILP is that I want to travel so much in general and having some photo taking skills will just help me much more in the long run. So when you combine what you have done with what you want to do you have made yourself a little bucket list that you can look back on and see how far you’ve come and where you want to go with it.

In a classroom this would be very beneficial. I like the idea of students being able to show what they’ve learned plus what they want to learn in the future. The way I have my graphic set up is one of many ways they can create something new. Another thing about this would be that all of what they create can be hung up in the classroom for everyone to see, learn, and absorb throughout the year.

I never had to take a class where we created graphic designs, it was an elective offered but I didn’t take it, but man would it be useful. There are just so many different uses for this type of designing, creating a flyer for an event, developing a presentation, or even making a personalized card. These unique ways of conveying how much knowledge you have as an individual can help you get further both as a student and as an individual in whatever field you choose to go into.


10 thoughts on “Failure?

  1. I love that you decided to do a ‘travelled map’. I think that this would be a fun class assignment to do where you have the state you live in as the diagram and then they get to mark where they go places in the state! Especially because most students will only ever get to travel for school functions until they graduate high school. I also think the idea of having them see all the places you have travelled would be enriching. I tried so hard to get the comic apps to work but in the end I just couldn’t pay the $2.99 for the app. I’m glad that you went ahead with Piktochart.


  2. Mackenna,
    I love your graphic. That is such a cool way to depict where you have been as well as where you want to go! Personally, I had some trouble getting Piktochart to work for what I was wanting, so I’m glad that you had a better experience than I did using it!


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