My Digital Story

Teaching is a Melting Pot is a digital story about some of the important parts of my teaching philosophy!


9 thoughts on “My Digital Story

  1. Great Job! Teaching truly is a melting pot and it isn’t about having one strength in an area, but having multiple strengths and being able to incorporate that into your classroom. Play is very important at any age. It allows for students to be hands on and to experience and enjoying their learning journey. 🙂 You will make a great teacher.


  2. Teaching being a melting pot is a great way to look at it. There are so many different things involved in teaching that you have to pick and choose many different styles and ways of teaching and make it your own.


  3. I love the metaphor you chose, and I definitely agree with it. This year especially, I have been reading different teacher theory books, and many people have different opinions on how students should be taught. I think we as teachers can create a “melting pot” of all these different styles and theories of teaching. Classrooms are also definitely like melting pots because of the students too. They all come from different families, backgrounds, etc. Great metaphor!


  4. I really like your metaphor here. I think the way you describe it in your slideshow is perfect. So many different things go into the process and skill of teaching, so I agree! Teaching is definitely a melting pot.


  5. Good job! I think you chose a good metaphor and I like that you incorporated your own teaching philosopy into it. I also liked your powerpoint, I didn’t know you could create something like this using PowerPoint.


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